One in every ten European children is conceived on an IKEA bed

Bill Moggridge, the director of the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, in New York, calls ikea’s aesthetic “global functional minimalism.” He said, “It’s modernist, and it’s very neutral in order to avoid local preferences, to get the economies of scale they need in order to keep the prices good.” ikea products are intended to work as well in Riyadh as they do in Reykjavík. (Pigs and skeletons, for example, are banned motifs.) Last year, ikea’s business in China, where it has eight stores, grew by twenty per cent. ikea sells a few products (water fountains, chopsticks, mosquito nets) tailored to a Chinese clientele, but ninety-five per cent of the product range is standard. It is said that one in ten Europeans is conceived in an ikea bed.

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