10 Facts about Blimps

  1. There are more astronauts in the world than blimp pilots.
  2. A blimp uses less fuel in two weeks than it takes a 747 airplane just to taxi to the runway.
  3. Some blimps were used for patrolling purposes for the United States Navy in the World War I period.
  4. Airships can carry enough fuel to fly for twenty-four hours, although they rarely do.
  5. Blimps date back to the mid-1800s.

  6. You can fit 75 million golf balls in a blimp.
  7. The only solid parts of a blimp are the gondola, where the passengers are, and the tail fins used for stability.
  8. On average, blimps can travel 150-200 miles per day.
  9. Blimps belong to a family of aircrafts called “airships,” defined as an aircraft that doesn’t use wings to fly.
  10. A blimp is an airship that has no internal framework to keep its helium gas bag rigid.

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